Maritime Division

DST Group's Maritime Division provides technologies and scientific and technical (S&T) expertise to deliver the capability edge to the war fighter and enhance the operational performance and survivability of defence platforms in the maritime domain.

The division applies a range of technologies, and undertakes analyses of the effects of their integration on the overall effectiveness of maritime systems.

Maritime Division helps the Australian Defence Force (ADF) to be a 'smart buyer' ensuring that future maritime systems, manned or unmanned, will meet Australia's operational requirements. It also works on platform life extension and reduction in the cost of ownership.

Maritime Division aims to be at the forefront of the application of S&T to maritime war fighting systems and operations. The S&Tactivities of the Division contribute to improving the operational availability, reliability and safety of existing maritime, air platforms, as well as reducing the vulnerability of these platforms.

There is an emphasis on ‘technology teaming’ within Maritime Division, with a strong outcome focus. Examples include submarine combat systems, stealth, autonomous systems, advanced propellers and propulsion systems.

Maritime Division aspires to be integral to the evolution of Navy, the partner of choice in the acquisition of maritime capabilities and recognised as world leading in niche areas of maritime S&T.

Capabilities of this division

Acoustic signature control / Hydroacoustics / Acoustic material systems
A maritime autonomous vehicle.
Unmanned systems and autonomy / Magnetics and payload sensors
A picture of a submarine
Platform systems analysis / Power and energy systems / Structural materials and fabrication systems
A thermal image of a ship.
Electromagnetic signature control / Specialised coatings technology / Environmental signatures control / Corrosion science
Dynamic military loads / Vulnerability, damage control and recoverability / Susceptibility and signature threat analysis
Passive sonar / Active sonar / Sonar processing and performance analysis
Submarine officers review an undersea computer system.
Combat systems architecture / Human systems and information integration / Underwater weapons systems

Key information


+61 8 7389 7619

Chief of Division (Acting)

Dr David Kershaw (view profile)


  • DST Group Melbourne (headquarters)
  • DST Group Edinburgh
  • DST Group Canberra
  • DST Group Stirling
  • DST Group Sydney

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High Achievers

  • Acoustical Society of America’s Silver Medal in Signal Processing in Acoustics
  • 2014 Minister's Achievement Award in Defence Science
  • 2013 Minister's Achievement Award in Defence Science
  • 2012 Minister's Achievement Award in Defence Science
  • 2007 Minister's Award for Achievement in Defence Science
  • 2000 Minister's Award for Achievement in Defence Science