High frequency radar

An image of over the horizon radar

HF Radar (HFR) branch conducts research critical to the use of HF radar for the Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) mission. HF radar is a key element of ADF operational capability, with the Jindalee Operational Radar Network (JORN) providing wide area sensing coverage of the air and maritime environment. The research contributes by enhancing the current JORN capability, supporting acquisition and upgrade projects, and developing new mission capabilities based on novel applications of HF radar technology.

Radar Technology and Systems (RTS)

Radar Technology and Systems (RTS) group applies the latest analogue and digital technology to develop and test HF radar instrumentation, components and systems. This includes sustaining the skills and infrastructure needed to conduct sophisticated field trials and experiments. The group also supports JORN acquisition activities by providing hardware designs and advice to industry, and by defining hardware specifications and testing methodologies.          

Signal Processing and Analysis (SPA)

Signal Processing and Analysis (SPA) group develops advanced signal processing techniques to improve the operational HF radar capability. This includes the development of technologies to achieve increased sensitivity and persistence, improved resilience in a cluttered or contested RF environment, advanced tracking of difficult or agile targets, and the automation of systems to complement human operator performance.

Propagation and Performance Analysis (PPA)

Propagation and Performance Analysis (PPA) group exploits deep expertise in radar systems and ionospheric physics for the analysis of HF system performance in real-time operations, to conduct system design modelling, and to provide performance validation. High fidelity modelling of HF radio propagation in the ionosphere is critical for achieving high performance from OTH radar systems. The group also supports S&T aspects of ADF acquisition programs through analysis and system performance validation.

Key information

Areas of expertise:

  • HF skywave
  • surface-wave
  • line-of-sight radar
  • HF radar Electronic Intelligence (ELINT)
  • VHF wide-field surveillance radar
  • ionospheric physics.