Imaging systems

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Imaging Systems branch conducts research and development into systems for geospatial intelligence (GEOINT), electro-optical and radar measurement and signature intelligence (MASINT), and imagery-based capabilities, with a focus on strategic intelligence systems and space-based sensors.

The branch leverages extensive research collaboration with international partners. The research and development within the branch covers phenomenology measurement and modelling, sensor system design, and data processing and exploitation in a multi-source/multi-INT framework.

There is an emphasis in the research program on persistent surveillance, the detection of subtle signatures, and the automated processing and exploitation of large data volumes using advanced algorithms such as deep learning for automated imagery analysis and feature extraction.

Imagery Analysis & Exploitation (IAE)

Imagery Analysis & Exploitation (IAE) group conducts research and development in algorithms, tools, techniques and environments for GEOINT image analysis and exploitation, including the automated fusion of multi-INT sources within the geospatial context. It provides operational support, project advice and develops/deploys pilot capabilities to production-ready systems. The group develops the Analysts’ Detection Support System (ADSS) as an architecture and mechanism for developing, demonstrating and transitioning new capabilities for the Defence customer in GEOINT automation using Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, Image Processing and Computer Vision research.

Radar Sensing & Exploitation (RSE)

Radar Sensing and Exploitation (RSE)group undertakes research and development into imaging radar sensors, processing and exploitation to deliver expert advice and novel solutions for difficult surveillance and intelligence problems for Defence and National Security. The research focus is on advanced polarimetric & interferometric imaging radar technologies, signal processing, and radar processing and physics-based exploitation techniques. RSE group has deep expertise in imaging radar phenomenology and sensor systems, advanced radar data and signal processing, and physics-based exploitation to detect and characterise objects of interest. The group is responsible for developing and testing exemplar imaging radar capabilities using the DST’s Ingara airborne imaging radar test bed system.  The group also maintains and coordinates operations of the DST’s Defence Experimentation Airborne Platform (DEAP) for airborne S&T experiments

EO Sensing and Exploitation (EOSE)

The EO Sensing and Exploitation (EOSE) group conducts research and development of visible and infrared phenomenology, sensors, modes, data processing, target detection algorithms and intelligence exploitation.  The focus is on leading edge MASINT, hyperspectral, hyper-temporal, persistent wide area surveillance and full motion video techniques to provide operational support, advice to projects, exemplar systems, performance evaluation and new capabilities for transition.  The group covers a range of technologies including advanced sensors, modelling and simulation together with signal processing algorithms to develop, test and evaluate advanced electro-optic collection, processing and exploitation capabilities. 

Key information

Areas of expertise:

  • geospatial intelligence
  • measurement and signature intelligence
  • mathematical algorithm development
  • software development
  • statistical analysis
  • biometrics
  • imaging radar phenomenology
  • sensors
  • modes
  • advanced data processing
  • target detection algorithms
  • intelligence exploitation
  • visible and infrared phenomenology