Land vehicles and systems

Three Bushmaster on the move during a MTF-3 Mission Rehearsal Exercise prior to deploying to Afghanistan.

The Land Vehicles and Systems (LV&S) Major Science and Technology Capability of Land Division is responsible for bringing together a unique mix of scientists, technologists, tools, methods and infrastructure to research and develop vehicle and systems for the Land Domain.

Our goal is to enhance the Land Force's ability to survive and win in challenging environments by delivering novel land systems concepts and solutions. 

LV&S scientists are experts in, and provide independent advice and information on:

  • vehicle survivability
  • advanced vehicle mission systems
  • tactical command and control information networks
  • combat service support systems.

Land vehicle survivability

This Science and Technology Capability undertakes research into vehicle survivability. Partnering with industry and academia to enhance the blast and ballistic protection of vehicles through research and development of blast mitigation applique, multi-role armour and cabin survival.

Land advanced vehicle systems

This Science and Technology Capability undertakes research to develop resilient vehicle-hosted mission systems that adapt dynamically in demanding situations, thus reducing the cognitive burden of operators and making Australia's land vehicles more potent.

Land systems integration and tactical networking

This Science and Technology Capability undertakes the research and development of resilient tactical command and control information networks. Collaborating with academia, industry and the Army Research Labs (USA) to research and develop information management solutions with greater autonomy, resilience, trust and quality of service of the tactical information network in complex environments.

Land logistics

This Science and Technology Capability undertakes the research, development and exploitation of enhanced and survivable combat service support (CSS) concepts and technologies, such as autonomous logistics, to enhance CSS efficiency and survivability in complex environments.