Microwave radar and signatures

Microwave Radar and Signatures (MRS) branch exploits active and passive radar technologies, advanced radar signal processing, and radio-frequency signature measurement and prediction, to enhance Australian Defence capability and support decision superiority.

Radar Systems (RS)

Radar Systems (RS) group investigates advanced microwave radar technologies to enhance target detection, tracking and identification, including the development of multi-static and space-based systems, electronic protection techniques, radar waveform design and radar systems control.

Radar Modelling and Analysis (RMA)

Radar Modelling and Analysis (RMA) group conducts performance prediction modelling and analysis of microwave radar systems to assess current and future surveillance capability. The group undertakes research to construct computational modelling and simulation tools that encapsulate the interaction between radar signals, targets and the physical and electromagnetic environments. Radar system test, evaluation and experimentation is performed to support model validation and research into new surveillance capabilities.

Radio Frequency Signatures (RFS)

Radio Frequency Signatures (RFS) group conducts high-fidelity electromagnetic analysis, prediction, measurement and management of radio-frequency signatures, including radar cross section and higher-order radar signatures, and the development of prototype non-cooperative target recognition systems.

Key information

Areas of expertise:

  • active and passive radar
  • radar discrimination
  • radar image based techniques
  • sensor signal processing
  • electronic protection
  • data processing and control