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Careers to aspire to

We employ some of Australia's brightest and most innovative scientists, engineers and IT specialists at the forefront of international defence research.

You can watch some staff testimonials on our YouTube channel, or see below for some staff profiles.

DST Group staff

Photo of Dr Gareth Parker
Dr Parker works in the area of Cyber Sensing and Shaping, focusing on the physical and logical networks through which online communication occurs.
Shannon Ryan
Shannon Ryan recalls recasting his sights – from shielding orbital probes from space debris, to protecting Australia’s Army vehicles from ballistic threats.
Rebecca Heyer - Human scientist
Rebecca Heyer was so successful at selling the benefits of a career in science to university graduates, that she became a scientist herself.
Photo of Alexei Kouzoubov
The collapse of the Soviet Union proved to be a major turning point for Alexei Kouzoubov, who with his family, travelled half way around the world to begin a new life in Australia.
Kylie Bedwell isn’t deterred by a skiing accident that fractured her neck and dislocated both hips four years ago. Logic simply trumps fear.