Research Services Division

Photo of a staff member working on a model of the JSF aircraft in the Transonic Wind Tunnel.
A model of the Joint Strike Fighter in the Transonic Wind Tunnel. The model was built by our Science Engineering Services team.

Our Research Services Division enables science and technology (S&T) for safeguarding Australia.


Research Services Division aims to be professional, lean and responsive, focused on delivering research services that directly support S&T and research activities.  


Research Services Division delivers S&T research services that are:

  • only required because DST is an S&T organisation
  • delivered to enable S&T capabilities across DST
  • specialist functions for which DST has unique S&T requirements or responsibilities
  • not delivered by external shared service providers, and/or most efficiently or effectively delivered within DST by Research Services Division.

Some research services are also delivered to organisations external to DST such as other areas within Defence, the Australian Intelligence Community, our allies and/or our partners in industry and academia.


Coordination and Ministerial Liaison

Cabinet submissions and memoranda, DST Group Advisory Board, Freedom of Information, Election Commitments, Speech Notification

Research Infrastructure & Scientific Support

Strategic research infrastructure planning; management and upgrade of research infrastructure; environmental and heritage management; provide research services to support S&T and research activities, laboratory emergency management

Science Information Management and Technology

Science information management and technology strategy, governance and design, research ICT infrastructure portfolio management, research information services

Science Information Services

Science application services, research platform services, research network and infrastructure services, science client services

Scientific Engineering Services

Scientific mechanical and electronic engineering services – specification, design, manufacture, inspection, photography and applied imaging for research and operational applications, science and engineering standing offers

Work Health Safety

Laboratory and experimental safety, managing and reporting hazards and risks, chemical, biological and radiation safety, Work Health Safety Management System, health and wellbeing


Security of laboratory, research infrastructure, information, site and personnel; security strategy, risk analysis and planning; special security support, science security awareness, and research security incident management.

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Chief Research Services

Peter Lambert (view profile)


  • DST Group Canberra (Headquarters)
  • DST Group Melbourne
  • DST Group Edinburgh

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