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Event | Emerging Disruptive Technology Assessment Symposium | Human Biotechnologies

The Emerging Disruptive Technology Assessment Symposium on Human Biotechnologies was held in Adelaide on 3 and 4 May 2018.

Participants explored how Defence can harness the rapid progress in human biotechnologies to achieve greater agility, responsiveness and effectiveness.


Presenter Title
BRIG Craig Schramm The Defence Heath System: Where to next?
Mark Corbett Emerging technologies in genomics
Mark Hutchinson Measuring the mind-body connection to augment human performance
Ashely Connolly Technologies that can be rapidly deployed to assess genetic status to predict susceptibility to environment and physical stressors.
Ewa Goldys New approaches to measuring nano-scale dynamic phenomena in living systems
Laura Weyrich Changing microbiota by 2014 | Solutions for the future
Paul Thomas CRISPR/CAS9 genome editing: potential for human modification
Anna Ma-Wyatt 'Brain to behaviour' change: machine human interfaces and augmented reality technologies
Paul Stoddart Optical control of neural function
Gary Egan Human brain modification technologies in 2040: Implications
Elizabeth Pharo Developing 3D cell culture systems to combat human pathogens and disease
Michael Parker Emerging analysis techniques in biochemistry
Robert McLaughlin Stronger, faster, better: Measuring your physiology for optimal performance

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