Event | ISTAS 2016

ISTAS 2016 - Invitational symposium on Trusted Autonomous Systems
ISTAS 2016 - Invitational symposium on Trusted Autonomous Systems

For decades we have been promised that Autonomous Systems are "just around the corner" – yet they are not here yet!

Is it because they aren't resilient enough, aren't smart enough, people don't trust them, or they don't possess the right kind of 'intelligence'?

This symposium considered 'surviving the unpredicted' as a kind of 'Turing test' for new approaches to Trusted Autonomous Systems and their research and development.

ISTAS 2016 aimed to bring world-leading scientists, pioneering academics, industry experts, researchers and students to an interactive forum to inspire and seed collaborative research. The symposium will feature world-class international and national keynote speakers, including Josh Bongard from the University of Vermont. Attendance is by invitation only under the support of the Defence Science and Technology Group and Industry Sponsors.

ISTAS 2016 Presentations

The Invitational Symposium on Trusted Autonomous Systems (ISTAS) 2016 brought together diverse speakers from government, military, academia and industry.

Presentations will be published here when they become available.


Welcome and Introduction

Dr Alex Zelinsky – Welcome Address

Professor Josh Bongard -

Dr Jason Scholz – Surviving the Unpredicted

Autonomy Resilience

Dr Darren Reid – Unpredictable Outcomes in Unstructured Environments: The Future of Machine Reasoning

Associate Professor Adrian Pearce – Social Planning for Trusted Autonomy

Dr Toby Murray – Software Verification for Trustworthy Autonomous Systems

Dr Brandon Pincombe – Scenarios for Trusted Autonomous Systems


Machine Cognition

Dr Ian Dall – Scene Setting

Professor Marcus Hutter – Unifying Foundations for Intelligent Agents

Professor Bob Williamson – The Future of Machine Learning

Professor Claude Sammut – Machine Learning for Control of Autonomous Vehicles

Dr Glennn Moy – Machine-Learning and Recommender Systems for Command and Control of Autonomous Vehicles

Trusted Human Synthetic Partnerships

Dr Glen Smith – Scene Setting

Dr David Aha – Goal Reasoning for Machine Cognition

Professor Janet Wiles – Human-robot interactions: Social Moments and Social Micro-Abilities


Embodied Intelligence

Dr Simon Ng – Scene Setting

Dr David Johnson – Robust Situation Awareness: From Active Sensing to Coherent Active Perception

Dr Jan Barca – Monash Swarm Robotics Laboratory – A Prelude

Dr Kin Ping Hui & Dr Robert Hunjet – Survivable Autonomous Communications in Contested RF Urban Environments

Dr David Battle – Deep Ray – A Multi-Role Autonomous Underwater Vehicle for Persistent Surveillance