Current programs

A photo of a soldier on a treadmill

Combat genes & bioinformatics for physical training

Through this study, Victoria University and DST are looking to identify genetic predictors of physical performance in new recruits.  In particular, researchers are looking for indicators of an individual’s response to physical training, and any possible predisposition to injury.

Soldier performance management: monitoring and modelling of load, adaptation and performance

Deakin University and DST are developing tools to inform personnel management how an individual is coping with training loads, both physically and psychologically.

An integrated approach to enhancing cognition and decision-making under stress

The University of Canberra and DST are working to develop an understanding of how personnel can best manage and sustain performance when placed in physically demanding situations which require complex decision making.

Selection, training and intervention strategies to improve warfighter situation awareness

Researches from the University of Western Australia and DST are exploring a number of strategies to improve the situation awareness of warfighters.

Trusted Human-Autonomy Teaming in Teleoperations

The University of NSW and DST are developing methodologies for improving, and metrics for measuring, the mission effectiveness of teams comprising humans and autonomous systems.

Psychological methods for improving cognitive performance

The University of South Australia and DST are looking to implement tools and techniques to enable individualised screening, monitoring and training for optimal performance in complex and challenging situations.

A Dynamic and Temporal Perspective to Optimise Team Resilience

Curtin University and DST are working to enhance Army’s understanding of what team resilience looks like in the ADF and how teams withstand or recover from adverse events or stressors that threaten their functioning, viability or development.