Episode list

Defence Science
10 April 2019

DST's ground-breaking research into facial biometrics could be a vital tool in the fight to stop human trafficking, missing and exploited children, child soldiers and radicalised minors.

Defence Research Accelerator
Next Generation Defence Technologies
5 February 2019

Hear how DST is partnering with a new generation of innovators to develop breakthrough products and technologies without the huge capital costs.

EDTAS Human Biotechnologies logo
Next Generation Defence Technologies
19 December 2018

This Next Generation Defence Technologies podcast is about the latest advances in human biotechnologies.

Solider placing fight recorder on fellow solider
Next Generation Defence Technologies
26 September 2018

The Fight Recorder is a project being developed by DST in conjunction with two small startups, Myriota in Adelaide and iMeasureU in New Zealand.

Next Generation Defence Technologies
31 July 2018

DST has formed a partnership with the CSIRO's Data61 team in the area of cyber research.

Next Generation Defence Technologies
13 July 2018

This podcast is about the first Grand Challenge program, Countering Improvised Threats.

Dr Janis Cocking
Next Generation Defence Technologies
26 June 2018

The Next Gen Tech Fund is storming into its second year, focusing on fundamental research and development of future game changing concepts for Defence.

Defence Science
30 May 2018

DST researchers have developed ground-breaking nanofibre technology to protect ADF personnel from the threat of chemical weapons.

Defence Science
26 April 2018

DST is fostering collaboration with Australia's allies to harness new technologies to give our military personnel the edge in the battle for cities.

Defence Science
26 March 2018

Can DST research train defence force personnel to think clearly and act decisively under extreme conditions?