In the Defence Science Australia podcast, you'll hear from DST's leading scientists about how our innovative research adds value to the Australian Defence Force.

Episode list

Can consuming caffeine enhance your physical and cognitive performance?
Defence Science
4 July 2016

Can caffeine really enhance your physical or cognitive performance?

DST Podcast - Episode 5: The effects of caffeine on health
Defence Science
18 May 2016

Is the amount of caffeine you consume each day having an impact on your health?

DST Podcast - Episode 4: Digital literacy
Defence Science
24 March 2016

Can we assume that the junior ranks of military personnel will adapt well to the use of digital technology in training?

Dr Chris Wallbrink
Defence Science
11 June 2015

How do scientists spot minute fractures in military aircraft, and how can manufacturers mitigate their onset and growth?

Dr Andrew Walters standing in front of DSTO's 'Iron Bird'
Defence Science
1 August 2014

How can a model plane help protect the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter from interference created by antennas, radar or lightning?