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Filter Patch and Magnetic Chip Detector Quantifier (FilPaQ)

A component of a gearbox.

When bearings and gears start to fail in a machine they shed metallic wear debris into the lubricant. 

DST Group's Filter Patch and Magnetic Chip Detector Quantifier (FilPaQ) incorporates the latest commercial sensor technology in a system which:

  • removes debris from a chip detector/collector or filter patch using sequenced compressed air
  • quantifies the debris in terms of size and number
  • re-captures the debirs for further composition analysis if desired.

The FiLPaQ system fills a gap in the analysis of gearbox engine systems, resulting in better condition monitoring and opportunities for prognostic health monitoring.

Technology pitch

Watch the video below to see Dr Andrew Becker pitch FilPaQ at Partnerships Week 2015.

Key information


Dr Malcolm Jenkins

+61 448 473 602

  • Condition Monitoring
  • Filter Patches
  • Gearbox Engine Systems
  • Mechanical Failure
  • Sensor Technology

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