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Janus Dynamic Aerospace Vehicle Exchange Mark-up Language (DAVE-ML) C++ Interpreter

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Janus is a C++ interpreter that interfaces between aircraft flight vehicle mathematical models and aircraft datasets.

As part of support to Australia's Department of Defence, DST Group develops fit-for-purpose aircraft flight behaviour mathematical models for fixed-wing flight vehicles. To complement these models, a dataset format was sought to encapsulate aircraft specific information in a single dataset that was able to be shared by generic mathematical models of varying fidelities.


The dataset format chosen was the Dynamic Aerospace Vehicle Exchange Mark-up Language (DAVE-ML), which is a derivative of the eXtensible Mark-up Language (XML) that is widely known and used throughout the modelling and simulation community. DAVE-ML offers improved flexibility, extensibility and interchangeability over other languages, as well as facilitating information exchange.

Visit the DAVE-ML web site to find out more about the language format, proposed developments and contributors.

About Janus

Janus is a C++ interpreter that interfaces between aircraft flight vehicle mathematical models and aircraft datasets conforming to the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) flight dynamic modelling exchange standard [AIAA_STD] and the related Dynamic Aerospace Vehicle Exchange Markup Language (DAVE-ML) Document Type Description (DTD) [AIAA_DAVE-ML].

Janus uses a third party library to load and parse XML files. A Document Object Model (DOM) is created when loading an XML file with Janus, from which numerical data is extracted and stored enabling access by external applications through the Janus interface.

Part of the functionality of Janus is to evaluate the interpolation/extrapolation of data tables for both gridded and ungridded data structures. Mathematical expressions and conditional logic can also be evaluated using the MATH-ML syntax incorporated within DAVE-ML.

Further information on using Janus is available in the user manual.

Request Janus

By receiving a copy of Janus you agree to abide by the terms of the DSTO Open Source Licence Version 1, or later versions.

Send an e-mail to , with the subject line Request for Janus and a copy of Janus will be sent to you.

Key information


  • Aircraft Datasets
  • Data Evaluation
  • Data Interpreter
  • Data Structures
  • Flight Data
  • Mathematical Modelling
  • Numerical Data Transfer

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