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Miniaturised - Charge Exchange Thruster (M-CXT)

An abstract image representing the Miniaturised-CXT

The Miniaturised - Charge Exchange Thruster (M-CXT) is a new type of electric propulsion device for spacecraft, currently in development.

The M-CXT has high promise for extreme fuel and power efficiency even at this early development stage. The design is also very simple and robust.

This technology has direct applicability to CubeSats that can be as small as 10x10x10cm with a mass of a few kilograms. Furthermore, the M-CXT can be scaled to be suitable for larger satellites.

Unlocking the ability of a satellite to modify its own orbit allows for a variety of sophisticated applications.

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Jim Mitkas

(08) 7389 7857

  • CubeSats
  • Propulsion systems
  • Satellites
  • Spacecraft

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