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Demonstrate your technology

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Have you got a new idea or approach to boost the defence capability of Australia?

The Capability and Technology Demonstrator Program (CTD), part of Defence’s new Innovation Hub, improves Australia’s Defence capabilities by giving Australian and New Zealand industry opportunities to demonstrate new ideas and approaches related to using technology.

Lodgements for Initial Proposals closed on 25th July 2016

All CTD Round 21 initial applications will be responded to within a week of closing by email. If you don't receive a response within a week, please contact the CTD Program Office immediately.

Propose your project

Our Proposing a CTD Project page contains proposal guidelines and selection criteria, as well as a template for initial proposals, a draft contract and information about intellectual property and confidentiality.

For an overview of the program, see About the CTD Program, or go direct to our CTD brochure or Frequently Asked Questions.

Priority areas

Proposals should address an area of Defence capability priority, such as those included in the Integrated Investment Program, and are required to demonstrate the capability potential of a technology within three years. Some areas of capability interest that applicants may wish to consider include:

  • Air combat systems
  • Advanced airborne sensors and networks
  • Advanced combat vehicle technology and systems
  • Advanced land/littoral zone sensors and networks
  • Advanced maritime airborne sensors and networking
  • Advanced weapon systems and technology
  • Airborne Electronic Warfare
  • Aircrew training
  • Alternate fuels and energy sources
  • Amphibious combat systems and technology
  • Autonomous vehicles and support systems
  • Combat service support systems
  • Command, Control, Communications, Computing and Intelligence Systems
  • Countering improvised explosive devices
  • Cyber technology and systems
  • Data analytics techniques and tools
  • Deployable health services and equipment
  • Directed energy systems and technology
  • Enhancing the use and management of Defence ranges and remote infrastructure
  • Explosive ordnance management
  • Human protection and performance
  • Integrated Air and Missile Defence
  • Integrated ISR
  • Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance, Electronic Warfare technologies and systems
  • Joint Battlespace Management Systems
  • Material sciences and advanced manufacturing
  • Military Air, Sea, and Land transport technology and systems
  • Military environment geo-spatial information systems
  • Quantum systems and technologies
  • Reducing the burden for the soldier
  • Resilient and responsive information networking
  • Shipbuilding technology
  • Simulation systems for military training
  • Social media analysis technologies
  • Space systems and technology
  • Special operations capabilities
  • Surface ship sensors and networking
  • Undersea sensors and networking

For further information about priority areas for Defence, see the Defence Integrated Investment Program.

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