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Innovation integration

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DST plays an important role in Defence S&T capabilities and innovation programs

DSTG is leading the development of a new innovation program for Defence.

We are working with external partners to facilitate the rapid transition of science and technology (S&T) into Defence capability.

Our innovation program is being managed by a Senior Steering Group with representatives from DSTG, the Capability Acquisition & Sustainment Group (CASG), and the Capability Development Group (CDG). The aim is to take a strategic Defence-wide approach for capturing new ideas and turning them into capabilities.

Defence Industry & innovation

The Defence Innovation Hub will connect Defence, industry, academia, and research institutions to collaborate on innovative technologies that can be developed into advanced capability for Defence.

The Defence Innovation Hub is interested in ideas that are ready to enter the development stages of the innovation process ‐ from concept exploration and technology demonstration, through to prototyping and integrated capability demonstration and evaluation.

The functions and funding of a number of existing innovation programs (and their future models) will come under the strategic guidance of the Defence Innovation Hub.

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