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Topic 12 - Cyber Autonomy through Robust Learning and Effective Human/Bot Teaming

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AUSMURI Round 4 - Now Closed

AUSMURI is the Australia-US International Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative and is part of the Next Generation Technologies Fund (NGTF).

The designated topic for AUSMURI funding has been selected by the Australian Department of Defence from topics announced by the US Department of Defense in its Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative (MURI).

The designated topic for this round is Topic 12: Cyber Autonomy through Robust Learning and Effective Human/Bot Teaming.

The designated topic is aligned to the NGTF priorities of Cyber and Trusted Autonomous Systems. This project will create new knowledge for trusted cyber autonomous systems that support robust learning (especially from failures), exhibit anti-fragility adaptation, and allow cyber bots teaming among themselves or with human agents, in order to achieve mission assurance under highly dynamic and adverse environments.

In line with the AUSMURI Program Guidelines, an Australian university that is part of a successful MURI collaboration on the designated topic may be eligible for funding up to a maximum of AUD$1 million per year over 3 years, with a possible extension for a further two years.

If an Australian university is selected to be part of a US–Australia collaborative research project, then the Australian University can apply for AUSMURI funding. The funding guidelines are available at

For inquiries please contact the Centre for Defence Industry Capability team on 13 28 46 or email through the online form.