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Hydrography and Mine Countermeasures

HMAS Huon recovers its Double Eagle Unmanned Underwater Vehicle following a successful mine shape identification during the Mine Counter Measures and Diving Exercise 2014.

Deployable Mine Counter Measures (MCM) will provide deployed maritime forces with the capability to undertake mine detection, classification, identification, avoidance and  when necessary, neutralisation, using Hydrography techniques

It will be the initial means by which task groups implement self-protective MCM along intended routes, through choke points and within objective areas.

This hydrography capability will be complemented by the current dedicated MCM force, which will consolidate MCM effort within the area of operations.

SEA 1179

SEA 1179 Phase 1 will extend the MHC life of type extension by 15 years, subject to further assessment of the extant MHC fleet to confirm the viability of the hull life extension. If feasible, initial operational capabilty is expected around 2020/2021.

DST Group has an extensive program of work on hull materials and structural assessment, which has provided supporting advice in the past, and our Maritime Division has been asked to further assist with this phase of the project.  Phase 2A is supporting the replacement patrol vessel.

Multiple studies in support of SEA 1179 have been completed by DST (in addition to several studies supporting the previous SEA 1180 project). 

DST’s long experience in unmanned underwater systems and operations analysis enabled it to make rapid assessments of the risk of SEA 1180. This demonstrated the benefits of our science and technology (S&T) program to the development of future projects.     

SEA 1778 and SEA 1770

SEA 1778 (Task Group MCM) and SEA 1770 (Rapid Environmental Assessment – Maritime) are indirectly supporting the SEA 1179 Project concept through the acquisition of limited numbers of unmanned systems. These are mostly underwater unmanned systems.

Importantly, these less-complex projects offer a pathway over time for the development and evolution of an off-board robotic technology in support of future MCM and hydrographic operations.

DST reports and analysis assisting these projects are indirectly supporting the future SEA 1179 strategy.

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