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Brochure | 7 Lessons in Leadership and Innovation

A portion of the cover of 7 Lessons in Leadership and Innovation
Dr Zelinsky's '7 Lessons in Leadership and Innovation'

Dr Alex Zelinksy's 7 Lessons in Leadership and Innovation documents the Chief Defence Scientist's reflections on leadership development and the innovation space.

Dr. Zelinsky reflects on a career in innovation and shares his seven key lessons in leadership and innovation:

  • Create a big vision that has impact, focus and is achievable
  • Be resourced and organised for success
  • Ensure it is feasible, desirable and viable
  • Provide an unwavering commitment to talent
  • Treasure teamwork and collaboration
  • Live and breathe high performance; because
  • Leadership does matter

 The brochure was distributed as a companion document to Dr Zelinsky's presentation of the Warren Centre's 2013 Innovation Lecture.

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Dr Alex Zelinsky

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July 2013


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