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Corporate document | Future Cyber Security Landscape: A Perspective on the Future

Cover of Future Cyber Security Landscape
Future Cyber Security Landscape: A Perspective on the Future

Australia has an increasing dependence on an increasingly vulnerable cyber domain, resulting in potential national risk.

This dependency pervades all elements of government, industry and society such that we have a national cyber-enabled enterprise with digitally-enabled networks, systems, services and business endeavours critical to Australia’s national interest.

Interconnectivity and interdependence within this enterprise mean that the impact of an unmitigated threat can cascade and be far reaching. Looking to the future there are potential new classes of threat: pervasive and non-discriminatory in nature and to which there are currently no known catch-all countermeasures.

Elements within a future national enterprise which are not good cyber security citizens will therefore present vulnerabilities with potential national ramifications. This calls for alternative and innovative approaches to national cyber security, underpinned by strategic investment in associated Science and Technology (S&T).

This Future Cyber Security Landscape paper illustrates this increasing national dependency, threat and vulnerability by providing a view of a possible cyber security future. As a companion paper to the DST Cyber S&T Plan: Cyber 2020 Vision, it provides Australian context to strategic investment in cyber security capabilities and cyber security science and technology.

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Cyber and Electronic Warfare Division

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Corporate document

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May 2014


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