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Brochure | A new Approach to Defence Innovation

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DST Group brochure 'A New Approach to Defence Innovation'

DST is renewing its focus on internal innovation challenges and strengthening its role as the innovation integrator for Defence.

The Australian Government has positioned DST to lead its new investment in game changing technologies through the establishment of the Next Generation Technologies Fund. This will tackle the important Defence scientific and technological (S&T) challenges utilising Australia's national innovation system, consisting of academia, industry and publicly funded research agencies.  Defence operating domains being transformed by S&T include:

  • Cyber Electronic Warfare
  • Integrated Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR),
  • Space Capabilities; and
  • Undersea Warfare.

The Defence Industry Policy Statement identifies the following potentially game changing technology areas worthy of Australian Defence investment.

  • Trusted Autonomous Systems
  • Enhanced Human Performance and Resilience
  • Hypersonics Technology
  • Quantum Technologies
  • Multidisciplinary Material Sciences

For further information see our 'A New Approach to Defence Innovation' brochure.

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June 2016


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