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Brochure | Partnering with National Security and Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance Division

NSID engages with Australia's industry and science and technology (S&T) community through a range of innovative and mutually beneficial arrangements, and actively seeks opportunities to work with industry to commercialise DST technology and transition our innovative concepts into Defence capability.

Potential areas for collaboration include:

  • Evolutionary Layered ISR Integration EXemplar Architecture (ELIIXAR) hardware and software framework
  • National Security S&T in critical areas such as Big Data and Open Source Analytics, Identity Intelligence and technologies associated with Countering Violent Extremism.
  • Space and small satellite programs
  • Advanced sensing and sensor processing (radar, electro-optic, hyperspectral, hypertemporal, imaging) and demonstration of next-generation surveillance and reconnaissance system concepts

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June 2018


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