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Brochure | Partnering with Weapons and Combat Systems Division

Weapons and Combat Systems Division engages with Australia's industry and science and technology (S&T) community through a range of innovative and mutually beneficial arrangements, and actively seeks opportunities to work with industry to commercialise DST technology and transition our innovative concepts into Defence capability.

Potential areas for collaboration include:

  • Tactical information integration and interoperability techniques
  • Concepts and tools to aid war fighter decision making
  • Architecture principles for integration and interoperability
  • Researching configurable, human-in-the-loop facilities
  • Advanced software and architectural design techniques for materiel protection
  • Model development for weapons emulation
  • High power electromagnetics for directed energy
  • Advanced sensing for cluttered environments (SPAD)
  • New decentralised weapon guidance laws to enable teaming and collaborative sensing
  • Transformative energetics for future weapon systems
  • High performance propulsion missions including responsive space access
  • High performance warhead concepts

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June 2018


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