Books and brochures

We publish several corporate books and brochures that highlight key projects and innovations.

Key publications

thumbnail for 'Let Defence Science Work for You'
Welcome a DST Group scientist into your workplace and reap the rewards.
Thumbnail with words 'Engaging with Small to Medium Enterprises'

Our Engaging with Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) brochure provides an overview of the mechanisms through which SMEs can engage with DST by connecting, collaborating and commercialising.

thumbnail for 'A New Approach to Defence Innovation'
The DST Innovation Roadmap is built upon four broad themes - unleashing potential, building teams that deliver, contributing to the ideas boom and delivering the technological edge.
Front cover of Nulka: A Compelling Story
Science and technology have many roles in supporting defence capability but none is more important than researching novel ideas and initiating projects that meet critical national security requirements.
A portion of the cover of 7 Lessons in Leadership and Innovation
Dr Alex Zelinksy's 7 Lessons in Leadership and Innovation documents the Chief Defence Scientist's reflections on leadership development and the innovation space.
Diggerworks cover
This publication brings out many insights that have underpinned the accelerated delivery and integration of a soldier system that is being continually adapted to the evolving needs of the soldier.
Cover of Work Domain Analysis
A comprehensive treatment of work domain analysis, this book covers fundamental topics such as abstraction, decomposition, and structural means-ends and part-whole relations—the basic characteristics of a work domain model.
Cover of Anticipating Tomorrow's Defence Needs book
This book celebrates 100 years of defence science in Australia, beginning with the role of Cecil Napier Hake in investigating the feasibility of establishing a cordite factory in this country.