Land Division

A soldier (left) alongside a bushmaster vehicle.
A soldier (left) alongside a Bushmaster vehicle

Land Division provides an integrated program supporting Army and the Land environment.

It supports all areas of the Land Force, from the individual soldier through to integrated combat vehicles and systems. It applies a broad range of scientific disciplines to research and demonstrate concepts for enhancing the safety and effectiveness of the Land Force in achieving the objectives of the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

Land Division works closely with other divisions in DST Group to provide program support to meet all of Army's capability requirements, including the coordination of DST's support to Special Operations Command (SOCOMD).

Land Division has a strong capability in the area of chemical and biological defence, human systems, personnel protection and vehicle and tactical information systems, which are key contributors to the challenges the future Land force will face in a world of evolving threats and continually emerging technological opportunities.

Capabilities of this division

contamination detection
Synthesis and analysis / Biosurveillance and biodetection / Medical countermeasures / Hazard management and individual protective equipment
A soldier dragging along a tyre as part of an exercise.
Cognition and behaviour / Physical ergonomics / Food and nutrition
CPL Christopher Donovan from the School of Infantry displaying the new improved uniform for Australian Combat Soldiers.
Hazard assessments and radiological defence / Integrated personnel protection
Three Bushmaster on the move during a MTF-3 Mission Rehearsal Exercise prior to deploying to Afghanistan.
Vehicle survivability / Advanced vehicle mission systems / Tactical command and control information networks / combat service support systems

Key information


+61 8 7389 6841

Chief of Division

Dr Peter Shoubridge


  • DST Group Melbourne
  • DST Group Edinburgh
  • DST Group Scotsdale

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