Dr Dale Lambert

Chief of the Cyber and Electronic Warfare Division.

Dr Dale A. Lambert PSM is the Chief of Cyber and Electronic Warfare Division in the Defence Science and Technology (DST) Group within the Australian Department of Defence. He was previously the acting Chief of the National Security and Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Division and as the Director General of Science Strategy and Policy within DST in Canberra. Prior to that Dale was the Research Leader of Intelligence Analytics. Dr Lambert enjoys a world-class reputation for higher-level data fusion research and, amongst other things, designed and implemented an Artificial Intelligence system for Sweden’s airborne defence that was subsequently on sold to at least Sweden, Brazil, Mexico, Pakistan and Greece.

Dr Lambert is the Chair of the Executive Chairs of The Technical Cooperation Program (TTCP), a long-standing Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom and United States cooperation on defence science and technology. In this role he administratively monitors collaborative five nation groups with programs covering: aerospace systems; maritime systems; land systems; weapons systems; materials; electronic warfare; human performance; intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance; and command, control, communications, cyber and information. Prior to that he was the Executive Chair of the Command, Control, Communications, Cyber and Information Group.

Dr Lambert performs a number of additional roles. He previously served as: the DST relationship manager with a US agency; the DST relationship manager with the University of South Australia; and as Chair of the Research Advisory Committee for the Data to Decision Cooperative Research Centre. He is currently: the DST Domain Program Manager for Intelligence; a member of the Defence Intelligence Forum; the DST relationship manager for Flinders University; a member of the Defence Advisory Board for the University of Adelaide; Chair of the Advisory Board for the University of Adelaide School of Computer Science; the DST relationship Chief with BAE Systems Australia; and a member of the DST Inclusion Steering Committee as the LGTBI champion. 

Dr Lambert holds: a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science; a first class Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in Philosophy; a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics, a third of which are masters degree topics in Mathematical Logic; a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Artificial Intelligence; and a Graduate Certificate in Management. He has been a postgraduate supervisor for: The University of Adelaide; The University of South Australia; The Centre for Sensor, Signal and Information Processing; Chalmers University in Göteborg, Sweden; and The University of Melbourne. He has over 70 publications; has been an invited international journal reviewer; and has been an invited speaker, panellist and awards committee member for international conferences, including as a keynote speaker at the upcoming Australasian Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence. His co-authored and co-edited Information Fusion book, published through Artech House in Boston, has been used in conference tutorials in Singapore, Turkey, Spain, Washington DC and Germany, and was subsequently translated into Chinese and published in China by the National Defense Industry Press as a two volume set. The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the world’s largest technical professional organisation, presented Dr Lambert with the IEEE Harry Rowe Mimno Award at a ceremony in Washington DC in July 2015 “for excellence in technical communication”.

Dr Lambert is married to Keetza, a Computer Science professional with degrees in Computer Science and Education. They have two sons: Ashley who is an investment banker after completing university medal awarded honours degrees in Commerce and Law; and Adrian, who is a software engineer after completing a Computer Science degree.


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Chief Cyber and Electronic Warfare Division.