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Safeguarding Australia through Biotechnology Response and Engagement (SABRE) Alliance

SABRE Alliance

The core mission of SABRE is to draw, leverage, and grow capability, capacity and expertise from across the Australian biotechnology research and development ecosystem to address Defence and National Security needs and prepare for future threats.

This mission is executed through targeted funding initiative, facilitating synergistic collaborations, and forward thinking that pre-empts future needs.

SABRE Vision

To enable Australia’s biotechnology ecosystem to innovate, collaborate, and secure the Nation’s future through advanced research, workforce development, and Industry engagement.

SABRE Mission

To create and sustain a dynamic alliance between Academia, Industry, and Defence and National Security sectors that leverages biotechnology advancements, fosters talent, and accelerates the translation of breakthroughs into real-world applications for a safer and more prosperous Australia.

SABRE Focus Areas

Human Performance and Decision-making, Genomics, Bioinformatics, Synthetic Biology Agriculture, and Biosecurity.

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Key information

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