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Defence Science and Technology is part of Australia's Department of Defence. It is the second largest public-funded R&D organisation in Australia.

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Australian industry has developed a device capable of rapidly detecting homemade explosives, providing security agencies with a powerful tool against terrorism.

L3 Technologies Managing Director Alan Titheridge and Chief Defence Scientist, Alex Zelinsky with the newly signed strategic alliance

DST has used Land Forces 2018 to extend its industry partnerships.

Technology using a pure sapphire crystal to accurately measure time has taken out the 2018 Defence Science and Technology Eureka Prize for Outstanding Science in Safeguarding Australia.

State-of-the-art multi-spectral simulation software, developed by DST, has been licensed to Adelaide SME Consilium Technology to be marketed globally as Infinite Studio.

A novel flight instrumentation kit that will revolutionise testing and evaluation has been officially handed over to the Royal Australian Air Force.

Chang Ho Choi testing modified boot soles that generate electricity when flexed during walking.

Energy harvesting devices could mean access to extended battery lifetime for soldiers travelling on foot.

DST researchers are developing a smarter networking system for Army.

DST and Mackay Consolidated Industries received a joint Essington Lewis award.