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Defence Science and Technology is part of Australia's Department of Defence. It is the second largest public-funded R&D organisation in Australia.

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Scholarships are available to high-performing students to undertake a full-time PhD at the University of New South Wales in Canberra.

The Australian Government is committed to encouraging young Australian women to pursue their interests in STEM both at school and in the workforce.

Defence is seeking to extend and expand scientific research in human performance.

Former NASA space shuttle commander and astronaut Pam Melroy to speak at the international space symposium in March.

Western Australia will host a major space technologies symposium which will help shape Australia's long-term vision for space technologies.

Professor Tanya Monro has been appointed Chief Defence Scientist.

Defence has sent the final delivery of life-saving SILVERSHIELD units to the Afghanistan National Defense and Security Forces.

Research proposals are invited from small businesses and universities to help Defence devise novel ways of integrating advanced materials onto military platforms.