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The Defence Science and Technology is part of Australia's Department of Defence. It is the second largest public-funded R&D organisation in Australia.

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Defence researcher Vanessa Pickerd.

An explosion rocks a below-deck storage compartment in one of Australia's new frigates – what will unfold? DST researcher Vanessa Pickerd and colleagues are connecting the dots.

DST researchers working alongside Navy personnel in the Combat System Integration Laboratory, exploring UAS integration into RAN ships.

The Royal Australian Navy is investing heavily in its future capability and will deliver a Maritime Tactical Uninhabited Aerial Systems capability to every major fleet unit.

Kyran Lange reviewing an ORBAT prototype.

A valuable web-based planning and logistics tool developed by DST assists the Defence Force to effectively plan campaigns.

Defence Researcher Dr Ping Tan

DST researcher Ping Tan has played a key role in undertaking work that focuses on the ballistic performance of body armour, and recently helmets.

DST is exploring methods of combating biofouling using ultraviolet (UV) light.

DST has formed a collaboration with partners from academia and industry to develop new weapons technology that will assist the ADF.

DST will partner with industry and academia to develop new technologies improving the safety and performance of explosives for Defence and industry.

Chief Defence Scientist, Dr Alex Zelinsky, and Mr Merv Davis, CEO of CEA Technologies.

Minister for Defence Industry, the Hon Christopher Pyne MP, today announced a five-year research and development agreement between CEA Technologies and DST.