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Access our expertise and facilities

DST scientists inside the Transonic Wind Tunnel
Opportunities exist from Contract R&D to Industry Placement Scheme interaction

DSTG provides access to facilities, advice and services to industry on a commercial basis.

This can be useful in helping industry to support Defence, particularly when companies’ in-house research and development (R&D) and test capabilities are limited. 

 Please note:

  • DSTG does not seek to compete with industry.
  • Any provision of facilities or services must fit within Defence and DSTG industry interaction policy guidelines.

Placement of Defence scientists in industry

DSTG invites industry participation in our Industry Placement Scheme, whereby DSTG scientists and engineers are given the opportunity to spend up to 24 months in industry.

Let science work for you! Welcome a scientist into your workplace and reap the rewards.

See our DSTG Industry Placement Scheme page for details.

Contract R&D

DSTG undertakes research on behalf of industry where DSTG's capabilities are unique.

For more information about contract R&D, contact our Technology Partnerships Office.

DSTG research facilities

DSTG has a well-defined procedure for providing access to Defence science and technology (S&T) facilities to external agencies and bodies on a "fee for service" basis. 

See Our facilities for a selection of our most interesting research assets.

For more information about using DSTG's facilities on a commercial basis, contact our Technology Partnerships Office.

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