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Watch the videos below to learn more about defence science innovation at DST: past, present and future.

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Video list

A dynamic and temporal perspective to optimise team resilience.

Enhancing human performance in complex environments.

Trusted Human-Autonomy teaming in teleoperations.

Brigadier Ana Duncan discusses HPRnet and the benefits to the Army of today and the future.

Brigadier Mark Ascough discusses HPRnet and how it allows the Army to think a clearly about the physical, cognitive and technological environments.

Brigadier Kahlil Fegan discusses HPRnet and the opportunities it presents to Army of today, as well as how it is transforming the workforce to remain operationally effective.

Soldier performance management: monitoring and modelling of load, adaptation and performance

Improving warfighter situation awareness: Selection, training and intervention strategies to increase battlefield performance & survivability.

Discovering 'combat genes' to help identify, and optimise the training of the future soldier.

An integrated approach to enhancing cognition and decision-making under stress.