Watch the videos below to learn more about defence science innovation at DST Group: past, present and future.

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Latest updates: During our 2016 Open Days, several of our researchers presented innovative technologies to an audience of current and prospective partners. You can go direct to the playlist on the DST Group YouTube channel.

Video list

'Partner and Prosper' was the theme for DST's third successful Partnerships Week, held in August 2017 at DST Edinburgh.

Andrew Snowden

Andrew Snowden explains the role DST is playing in developing the JDAM-ER which is about to enter service with the RAAF.

Luther Krake
Air, land and sea vehicles
Luther Krake explains how DST is developing and demonstrating the technologies required to conduct full-scale fatigue testing of helicopters.
Jennifer Palmer
Autonomous systems
Dr Jennifer Palmer explains how DST is building smarts into drones in order to keep soldiers and first responders out of harm's way.
WW1 troops
Science presenter and broadcaster, Paul Willis shares the stories of innovative Australian Diggers who revolutionised the way World War I was fought.
Dr David Lingard discusses the 'Buccaneer' mission, one of DST's small satellite projects.
Surveillance and space
Dr David Lingard discusses the 'Buccaneer' mission, one of DST's small satellite projects.
A screenshot from the DST Cyber Security video, featuring Angela Billard
Angela Billard discusses DST's work in the area of cyber security.
A photograph of DST's Denis Shine.
Operations analysis
Denis Shine discusses how DST uses wargaming and simulation to assist the Australian Army to make effective decisions.
Dr Greg Bain in a composite testing lab.
Air, land and sea vehicles
Dr Greg Bain discusses work in developing bonded repairs for Australian Defence Force (ADF) platforms.
A scientist sprays paint in a workshop.
Air, land and sea vehicles
Chemist Thomas Clayton discusses DST's work in paints and coatings for ADF platforms.