Watch the videos below to learn more about defence science innovation at DST Group: past, present and future.

You'll find more DST Group videos at the DST Group YouTube channel.

Latest updates: During our 2016 Open Days, several of our researchers presented innovative technologies to an audience of current and prospective partners. You can go direct to the playlist on the DST Group YouTube channel.

Video list

A screenshot from the DST Cyber Security video, featuring Angela Billard
Angela Billard discusses DST's work in the area of cyber security.
A photograph of DST's Denis Shine.
Operations analysis
Denis Shine discusses how DST uses wargaming and simulation to assist the Australian Army to make effective decisions.
Dr Jennifer Palmer with a prototype of an autonomous aircraft.
Autonomous systems
Dr Jennifer Palmer discusses DST's work supporting soldiers with 'eyes in the sky' via autonomous aircraft.
Dr Greg Bain in a composite testing lab.
Air, land and sea vehicles
Dr Greg Bain discusses work in developing bonded repairs for Australian Defence Force (ADF) platforms.
A scientist sprays paint in a workshop.
Air, land and sea vehicles
Chemist Thomas Clayton discusses DST's work in paints and coatings for ADF platforms.
Andrew Hunt in front of a test mannekin.
Human science
Andrew Hunt discusses how DST helps to maintain the health of soldiers when they're exposed to extreme temperatures.
Dr Tim Doyle with several cameras mounted on tripods.
Human science
Dr Tim Doyle discusses DST's work in the biomechanics of human motion, including easing the burden of load carrying for soldiers.
Cathy Smith in a test laboratory.
Air, land and sea vehicles
Cathy Smith discusses how DST applies forensic engineering to investigate accidents and other incidents of component failure.
A Hawk Lead-in Fighter inside a hangar.
Air, land and sea vehicles
Aeronautical engineer Dr Philip Jackson discusses DST's work with the Hawk Lead-In Fighter full-scale fatigue test.
The Land Motion Platform.
Air, land and sea vehicles
Dr Justin Fidock discusses how DST's Land Motion Platform uses simulation technology to help the Australian Defence Force (ADF) understand the risks, issues and opportunities associated with operating in future vehicle platforms.