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Our high achievers

DST scientists and engineers are frequently recognised for their achievements in helping to safeguard Australia with defence science innovation.

You can browse news articles celebrating our recent high achievers below, or filter the list to view recipients of some regular awards such as The Minister's Achievement Award and The Technical Cooperation Program (TTCP) Scientific Achievement Awards.

Latest recipients

National and SME Innovation Award

A new robust, lightweight device that is suitable for fitment to aircraft and able to deliver vital stress data in real time has taken out the National and SME Innovation Awards at the Australian International Airshow.

Defence Minster’s Award for Achievement in Science and Technology

Defence operations analyst Dr Alexander Kalloniatis is the 2021 recipient of the Defence Minster's Award for Achievement in Science and Technology.

Defence scientist Mark Beaumont.
Eureka Prize

The Defence Science and Technology Eureka Prize for Outstanding Science in Safeguarding Australia has been awarded to the Cross Domain Desktop Compositor.

Comcare Prevention Award

Defence's robotic ordnance-handling facility has enhanced safety by removing humans from hazardous situations.

Minister's Award for Achievement in Defence Science

Defence Scientist, Dr Sylvie Perreau, has been awarded the 2020 Minister's Award for Achievement in Defence Science, for her excellence in signal processing and wireless networks within highly classified environments both nationally and internationally.

ADM Women in Defence 'Rising Star' award

Less than three years into her professional career, Amy Stringfellow has been awarded the ADM Women in Defence 'Rising Star' award for her achievements in Defence science.

Dr Renée Webster’s analytical chemistry research is contributing to the safe and effective use of fuels by Defence.
National Measurement Institute (NMI) Prize

Defence scientist Dr Renée Webster has been awarded a prize for excellence by the National Measurement Institute (NMI) in recognition of her significant contribution to analytical chemistry.

Public Service Medal

DST's Dr Dale Lambert is one of a number of public servants to have been awarded a Public Service Medal in 2020 for outstanding public service.

Minister's Award for Achievement in Defence Science

Dr Neil Gordon has been awarded the 2019 Minister's Award for Achievement in Defence Science for his research that led to one of most important surveillance algorithms of the past 50 years.

Chief Defence Scientist Professor Tanya Monro presents the Eureka prize to Team Grey Scan
Eureka Prize

A University of Tasmania team has won a Eureka Prize for the development of the world's first trace detection device that can identify inorganic explosives in under a minute.


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