An image of Chief Defence Scientist, Tanya Monro speaking at a lectern
Chief Defence Scientist, Prof Tanya Monro AC, DST Group

DSTG works closely with universities to deliver technology-based solutions to Defence.

University collaboration is core to our strategy to build on our strength of being a valued advisor to government and to focus our efforts towards future Defence and national security capability.

DSTG connects and engages with universities and the national science and technology ecosystem through the Australian Defence Science and Universities Network (ADSUN). ADSUN connects Defence with researchers from universities, industry and the broader research community, providing Defence with the best research and development capabilities in Australia and researchers with the opportunity to apply their research to real-world problems.

Outside ADSUN, we leverage world-class capabilities both in Australia and internationally through strategic alliances and partnerships. Partnerships enable us to take a stronger role in integrating knowledge and best practices to deliver innovative outcomes for Defence.

Defence Science Partnerships program

The majority of Defence's engagement with universities is undertaken under the Defence Science Partnerships (DSP) program. Every public university in Australia has signed on to the DSP, making it the largest program of its kind in Australia

The program provides a common pre-agreed framework under which Australian universities can work with Defence. It provides for all types of agreements, including:

  • Research Agreements
  • Bilateral Collaborative Project Agreements
  • Multi-Party Collaborative Project Agreements
  • Staff Secondments and Exchange Agreements
  • Centre for Advanced Defence Research Agreements
  • Academic Funding Agreements
  • Postdoc Funding Agreements
  • Infrastructure Access Agreements
  • Equipment Loan Agreements
  • Material Transfer Agreements
  • Defence Staff PhD Studies Agreements
  • Scholarship (No Project) Agreements
  • Scholarship (Project-based) Agreements
  • Student Participation Deed
  • Variation Agreements

An updated version of the program, DSP 2.0, came into effect on 28 April 2020, providing greater flexibility in our partnering arrangements with universities, enabling multi-party collaborations; variation agreements and bespoke security arrangements.

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