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Our divisions


On 1 July 2022, DSTG commenced operating under a new organisational structure.

DSTG is focused on bringing together interdisciplinary expertise from across Australia and around the world to address Defence and national security challenges. Our role is to work closely with the Australian science, technology and innovation eco-system to deliver scientific advice and solutions that provide capability enhancement for Defence and the national security community.

Strengthened implementation of the More, together: Defence Science and Technology Strategy 2030 is required to increase the scale of sovereign S&T capability through strategic partnerships, to rapidly respond with impact to new threats and to deliver game-changing solutions for the ADF.

DSTG is made up of ten divisions. See the links below for more information on the functions, projects, and personnel in each division.

To contact one of our divisions, visit our contact form page.

Air and Space

Air and Space division is responsible for delivering innovation and science and technology programs to support Defence capability in the Air and Space Domains.

Cyber, Intelligence and National Security

Cyber, Intelligence and National Security division leads the delivery of innovation and science and technology programs for Defence intelligence, joint capabilities and joint operations.

Human & Decision Sciences

Human and Decision Sciences division is leads and shapes Defence science and technology in support of human situational awareness , human decision making, human control and human protection.

Information Sciences

Information Sciences Division drives and shapes Defence research capabilities in the areas of computational science, autonomy and cyber, communications and computing.

Land & Joint Warfare

Land and Joint Warfare Division delivers the innovation, science and technology programs in support of the Land and Joint domains.


Maritime Division is responsible for delivering innovation and science and technologhy S&T programs to enhance Defence capability in the Maritime domain.


Platforms Division leads the science and technology for all Defence platform systems (including robotics and autonomous systems), materials science and CBRN research capabilities in Defence.

Research Technology and Operations division

Research Technology and Operations division provides the enabling services for Defence research.

Science Strategic Planning & Engagement

Science Strategic Planning and Engagement Division drives the strategic direction and policies for Defence science and technology and shapes Defence's engagement with the broader science, technology and innovation ecosystem.

Sensors & Effectors

Sensors and Effectors Division leads the science and technology for all sensing for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance and the delivery of physical effects (electronic warfare, counter measures, directed energy and weapons).