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Our innovations

A picture of the black box flight recorder
The Black Box Flight Recorder, designed by Dr Dave Warren

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For more than 100 years, DSTG and its predecessor organisations have been dedicated to the delivery of thorough, ground-breaking and innovative science.

We have a long history of innovation in defence science, such as the development of the Jindalee Operational Radar Network, the Nulka ship missile decoy, the Barra Sonobuoy, the Australian Minesweeping System, the Laser Airborne Depth Sounder and composite bonded aircraft repair techniques, among others. Our scientists continue to find novel and innovative solutions to Defence's technology challenges.

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An image of a pilot inspecting a glide bomb.

The Joint Direct Attack Munition – Extended Range (JDAM-ER) is a significant success story for DST.

Multi-axial, broad frequency bandwidth with high power density device
Defence scientists are investigating methods to harvest energy from vehicle vibrations to convert into electricity and power up diagnostic sensors and devices.
DST Group's Mark Beaumont with the Digital Video Guard
Cyber attacks on government and private organisations have skyrocketed. DST Group has developed the Digital Video Guard for protection.
DST Group and Army personnel with the Australian-developed unmanned aerial vehicle, Aerosonde.
DST Group has developed a solution to a problem facing troops reliant on UHF radio set communications.
A photograph of HMAS Farncomb being fitted with the pickups for accoustic imaging trials.
DST Group is an international trailblazer in the use of acoustic imaging on submarines.
A photo of an aircraft in flight

The Advanced Tactical - MUlti-band Research Laser INfrared (AT-MURLIN) forms a core part of a technology being developed to protect Defence aircraft against infrared-guided missile attack, which it does by jamming the guidance system of such missiles with pulses of infrared laser light.

An underwater image of the Cormorant Mine Lift Bag
Named after the wading bird, the Cormorant Lift Bag was designed to recover explosive mines remotely and safely from the sea.
An image of how a large building appears on DST Group's LADAR
In 2002, DSTO (now DST Group), designed and built a military imaging laser radar, known as LADAR, as a concept demonstrator for battlefield surveillance.
The theatre broadcasting system at RAAF Base in Edinburgh
The Theatre Broadcast System (TBS) was one of the first ‘Compact Receive Suites’ designed and developed at DST Group.
A stock image of a doctor waiting on tarmac for a aeromed helicopter.
In 1983, DSTO (now DST Group) began development of the Aeromed Retrieval Unit, a medical unit designed for transporting premature and sick babies from regional areas to hospital by air.


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