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Defence Human Sciences Symposium

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Defence Human Sciences symposium is an annual conference event

The Defence Human Sciences Symposium (DHSS) is the principal Australian forum for those interested in the application of human sciences research to enhance defence capability.

The DHSS is an annual event and is sponsored by DST's Human Sciences Hub.

Past Events

Defence Human Sciences Symposium 2012
13 November 2012 to 16 November 2012
The theme for DHSS 2012 was 'Pushing the Boundaries of Human and Organisational Performance.'
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19 November 2014 to 21 November 2014
The theme for the 2014 symposium is 'Crossing Discipline Boundaries: Integrating the Human Sciences into Defence and National Security Research'.
6 November 2017 to 7 November 2017
The 2017 Defence Human Sciences Symposium was another great success, providing an opportunity for experts in the human sciences to gather together, share their insights and discuss the theme of the conference 'Human Sciences Innovation for the Future'.