Image of collaborators on the fibre laser towed array.
DST Industry collaborators on the fibre laser towed array project.

DST Group welcomes opportunities to collaborate with industry including small to medium enterprises (SMEs) undertaking research that may be of interest to Defence.

New ideas

Do you have an idea or new innovative solution that could have a defence application? If so, you can:

Requests for tender

Do you have an off-the-shelf product or service that you want to sell to DST?

Visit the Australian Government AusTender website for details.

Collaborate with Us

Do you want to collaborate in other ways with DST?

Industry collaboration is core to our strategy to build on our strength of being a valued advisor to government and to focus our efforts towards future Defence and national security capability.

We leverage world-class capabilities, both in Australia and internationally, through our partnerships with industry.

DST is interested in collaborating with companies (including SMEs) that have a research and development (R&D) capability relevant to our science, and where the company is willing to invest their own resources. Collaboration must deliver benefits to both DST and the commercial partner. Collaboration frameworks are being designed to incur low overhead and facilitate the quick establishment of joint R&D programs.

For more information about collaborating with us, please contact our Technology Partnerships Office.

Our strategic alliance program establishes and builds long term relationships with companies who have significant R&D capability across multiple domains and capacity to collaborate in areas of strategic significance to Defence. There is no funding provided to companies under the strategic alliance program.

DST has entered into strategic alliances with a number of companies, including those below.


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