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Weapons systems

DST Group is the primary source of Australia's science and technology (S&T) expertise in air and surface-launched weapons systems, their integration into warfighting platforms and the attainment of maximum combat effectiveness.

Through our extensive research and development program, we enhance the Australian Defence Force's (ADF's) position at the leading edge of weapons systems, ordnance and weapons/platforms integration technology.

Our research associated with military weapons consisting of elements such as small arms, guns, guided and un-guided munitions, missiles, directed energy and non-lethal. 

This work spans target engagement, weapon and launcher system control, integration, clearance, projectile energy, terminal effects, and effects assessment to develop advanced weapons for all military platforms. 

We also conduct research into small, medium, large calibre munitions, propellants, ballistics, explosives, pyrotechnics, multi-purpose warheads, insensitive munitions, seekers, fuses and explosive ordnance disposal. 

Furthermore, our weapons related research includes fire control and other elements of precision guidance, battlefield digitisation, telemetry, modelling and simulation.

Key information

Areas of expertise:

  • Precision weapon guidance
  • Weapon simulation and analysis
  • Energetic systems and propulsion
  • Weapon effects and mitigation