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Event | Disaster at the JOADIA Islands gameathon

DSTG, in conjunction with Data Science and Ai Association of Australia | DSAi, is pleased to announce the launch of the "Disaster at the JOADIA Islands" gameathon.

What is a 'gameathon'? Well, it's what happens when you combine the best ideas through ideathons/hackathons with the study of wargaming. Through "Disaster at the JOADIA Islands", we hope to generate ideas around the use of AI in wargaming.

"Disaster of the JOADIA Islands" is a turn-based wargame that models a Joint Task Force assigned with the goal of rescuing civilians in a fictitious humanitarian aid disaster relief scenario.

The environment portrayed by the fictional JOADIA Islands enables the practice of better decision-making and we're interested in how artificial intelligence can play a part in that.

To learn more about the challenges, rules, timeframes, FAQs, and instructions on how to submit your entry, visit the JOADIA website.

Registrations for the Gameathon close 7 December.

Register here.

Winners to be announced 21 December.

Event information

Date and time

9 November 2020 to 22 December 2020