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Event | Emerging Disruptive Technology Assessment Symposium | Agile Command and Control (AC2)

The Emerging Disruptive Technology Assessment Symposium (EDTAS) series helps future-proof Australian Defence as part of the Next Generation Technologies Fund (NGTF). It considers an expansive science and technology topic that will likely have a major impact — transformational or disruptive — for the Defence or National Security domains in the 10+ year timeframe.

These symposia have previously been held in New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia and will continue to seek academic partners and geographic locations indicative of a national program.

The theme for the symposium will be: Agile Command and Control (AC2).

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this symposium will be held as a virtual activity.

We invite you to Save the Date 18-20 November 2020, to join us at EDTAS: Agile Command and Control.

EDTAS: Agile Command and Control will be delivered in an online event across two half days and one full day, and will include short presentations, syndicate workshops and keynote speeches from leaders in the field.

The following themes will be explored:

  • Artificial intelligence, human-machine teaming, autonomy and real-time battle simulation modelling to assist decision making.
  • Organisational structures and cultures for greater headquarter agility.
  • Information, visualisation, augmented reality, and virtual assistants for providing enhanced situational awareness and sensemaking.
  • Architectures for C2 distributed to the warfighter.
  • Exploitation through data analytics of vast quantities of increasingly diverse data sets.
  • Innovative human, social, cultural, and technical systems enabling agile organisational forms and commanders to rapidly execute command intent.

 The EDTAS series helps the Next Generation Technology Fund (NGTF) and strategic planners understand the impact of emerging transformational or potentially disruptive technologies for Defence and National Security, in the 10 to 20+ year timeframe.

Agile Command and Control is one of DSTGs Science, Technology and Research (STaR) Shots, which will be delivered under the More, together Defence Science and Technology Strategy.

STaR Shots are challenging, inspirational and aspirational S&T missions that will align strategic researchto force structure priorities, and as this symposium’s topic, a great opportunity to delve into the Agile Command and Control environment with respected academic and industry minds.

EDTAS is brought to you by Defence Science and Technology Group and Noetic Group.

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Date and time

18 November 2020 to 20 November 2020