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ALR-2002 Radar Warning Receiver

A photograph of a pilot taking part in an ALR 2002 radar warning reciever flight simulation

Developed in 1992, the ALR-2002 Radar Warning Receiver was the first such complex receiver to be designed and built in Australia.

The receiver was developed by DSTO and AWA Defence Industries (AWADI) to the concept demonstrator stage. It was designed to meet the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF’s) operational requirement for a replacement radar warning receiver for the F-111 aircraft and was developed over a period of 15 months at a cost of $4.95 million.

Radar warning receivers are vital for the ability of military aircraft to detect and avoid modern radar guided weapons and the ALR-2002 project was the first time the Australian defence industry had attempted to build a radar warning receiver of this complexity.

The program was financed and administered by the Acquisition and Logistics Organisation under its Defence Industry Development Program to enhance the electronic warfare capabilities in Australian industry for support of the Australian Defence Force.

A combined effort involving DSTO, AWADI, Acquisition and Logistics Organisation and the RAAF, the project was considered a significant milestone in building the strong relationship that now exists between DST and Australian industry in the electronic warfare area.



1993 - SA Engineering Excellence Awards

Awarded in the Research category by the Institution of Engineers