A photo of an aircraft in flight

The Advanced Tactical - MUlti-band Research Laser INfrared (AT-MURLIN) is a vital component of a Directed Infra-Red Counter Measures (DIRCM) system designed for installation on aircraft.

The performance of this multi-band solid-state laser apparatus exceeds those of currently available commercial systems.

The laser is an experimental version designed for flight trials that has been integrated with a steerable turret and the other DIRCM system components into a wing-mountable pod. Sensors in the turret detect ultraviolet emissions given off by the exhaust plume of an incoming missile and the laser is automatically aimed at the missile. The laser then emits modulated pulses of infrared light. These pulses overwhelm the missile’s guidance system through the large and rapid changes in infrared signal information that the missile receives, causing it to lose its lock on target.

The AT-MURLIN was the result of the transition to Australian industry of leading-edge technology developed during a five-year association DST Group and Tenix (currently BAE Systems Australia) as part of the Project Arrangement 10, a joint program between Australia and the US for missile defence technology development.

DST took delivery of the first AT-MURLIN in 2006. Through innovative redesign and robust packaging that has rendered a complex laboratory bench version of the laser suitable for flight trials, this project has made possible significant advances in DIRCM research.

The AT-MURLIN represents a major milestone in DST's evolving MUlti-band Research Laser INfrared (MURLIN) family of DIRCM lasers.



2006 — DSTO Achievement Award for excellence in science and technology

For outstanding research that has allowed the technology development of the MURLIN and its successful transition to Defence industry.