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Tracked vehicles elastomer and associated technologies

A rapid route and area mine neutralisation system (RRMANS) road wheel

Since 1980, Defence scientists have been involved in developing advanced elastomer technology for heavy armoured vehicle components, such as track pads, bushes, roadwheel treads, roadwheel pads and return idlers.

A notable outcome of this work has been the development a new rubber formulation and manufacturing process that produces superior track links for military tracked vehicles.   

In 1992, DSTO signed a license agreement with Melbourne-based Mackay Consolidated Industries Pty Ltd. under which Mackay is able to develop, manufacture and market DST's tracked vehicle elastomer and associated technologies. 

Since that time, Mackay’s track links, including rubber components produced using DST's formulation, have entered into service with the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and have proven to last approximately twice as long as the imported track links previously used.  They have since been sold into the Asian market.