Watch the videos below to learn more about defence science innovation at DST: past, present and future.

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Video list

Human science

"We're trying to give soldiers greater situational awareness that allows them to perform at a higher level." - Larissa Cahill, DST researcher

DST's partners and stakeholders describe DST's role and the value it adds to Defence.

Surveillance and space

Dr David Lingard explains DST's small satellite experimentation program.

DST's Dr Karen O'Connor and Dr Dan Billing provide a detailed overview of the Next Generation Technologies Fund and how to apply.

"At DST, everything is there for you to be a great scientist and have a great life."

"Working at DST allows me to specialise in a field that I have been passionate about since I was 13."

"Knowing that the 3D modelling work I am undertaking at DST will have real world impact is extremely rewarding." - Jacqui Orme

Maddy Cochrane joined DST for a year long Industry Experience Placement Program.

The Technical Cooperation Program Contested Urban Environment Strategic Challenge – CUE Adelaide 2017

'Partner and Prosper' was the theme for DST's third successful Partnerships Week, held in August 2017 at DST Edinburgh.