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Minister's Award Winners: 1988-1998

30 November 1998
For over 10 years there have been12 awards provided to DSTO staff for their research

In the ten years from 1988 to 1998, several high achieving DSTO scientists were presented with a Minister's Achievement Award to recognise outstanding scientific contribution to Defence. 

See below for the recipients:

  • 1998 - Dr Mark Anderson for his outstanding scientific creativity, and record of high quality and original research in the area of information security.

  • 1997 - Mr David Graham for the excellent standard of leadership management and technical expertise demonstrated with the testing of the F/A-18 aircraft under the International Follow-On Structural Test Project (IFOSTP).

  • 1996 - Mr John Curtin for his substantial and sustained contributions to the field of electronic warfare, in particular in electronic support measures (ESM).

  • 1995 - Dr Thomas Ryall and Dr Albert Wong for their contribution in the area of fundamental research into thermoelastic stress analysis.

  • 1994 - Mr Brian Andrews for his contribution in leading the development of the Defence Organisation Integrated Communications (DORIC) program.

  • 1993 - Dr John Ritter for his contribution to the development of high performance steel and welds in support of the construction of the Australian Collins class submarine.

  • 1992 - Dr Stuart Anderson for his contribution to the Jindalee Over-the-Horizon Radar (JORN), particularly with regard to its ocean surveillance and meteorological capabilities.

  • 1991 - Dr David Oldfield for research into anechoic materials for the Australian Collins class submarine hull.

  • 1990 - Dr Alan Baker for research into bonded composite repair technology and its application to Royal Australian Aircraft (RAAF) aircraft.

  • 1989 - Dr Fred Earl for work on the Jindalee Over-the-Horizon Radar.

  • 1988 - Mr Mike Turner for developing the Craft of Opportunity concept for minesweeping.