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DSTO showcases defence technologies

6 May 2015
Media Release
A crowd of representatives from Defence, industry and academia at DSTO Edinburgh for Partnerships Week 2015.
Representatives from Defence, industry and academia gathered at DSTO Edinburgh for Partnerships Week 2015.

The Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO) has opened its doors to industry and academia to showcase innovative technologies being developed to give the Australian Defence Force (ADF)a capability edge.

The Partnerships Week event (4 to 8 May) is part of DSTO’s outreach campaign for closer ties with companies, universities and other research organisations.

Chief Defence Scientist, Dr Alex Zelinsky, said the event was a way for DSTO to strengthen relationships, as well as demonstrate its work which often flies under the radar.

“This event is a great opportunity for DSTO’s current and potential partners to get a close-up view of the specialist work the organisation contributes to Australia’s defence and national security,” he said.

The event includes site tours, technology demonstrations, research capability displays, and access to DSTO researchers to discuss new and emerging capabilities.

Among the attractions are new technologies to support the future soldier – the Exoskeleton, which is a flexible device to lessen backpack loads, power-generating clothing and the Land Motion Platform that simulates the future mobile workspace for the Army.

Other technologies on display range from miniature satellites to the full-scale model of the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) being used to study the effects of lightning on the aircraft.

Dr Zelinsky said he was excited to welcome industry and academic organisations, and develop conversations around future partnerships.

“Strategic alliances are the way forward in developing Australia’s future, cutting-edge technologies. Partnerships Week will establish new discussions, as well as continue existing ones,” he said.

“We seize any opportunity we get to roll out the welcome mat and show off current projects. It’s great to be able to share our work from time to time,” he said.

The event allows external industry and research organisations to understand DSTO’s current capabilities and future research priorities, explore research and development (R&D) funding opportunities and network with representatives from peer organisations.

Mr John O’Callaghan, Director Defence and Government Relations for Australian Industry Group, said defence companies appreciated the initiatives being taken by DSTO to work closely with industry and looked forward to stronger cooperation in building capabilities for the Australian Defence Force.



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