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Chief Defence Scientist joins the conversation on cyber

14 July 2015
Image of a human hand reaching for a key within a computer generated environment
Cybersecurity has been identified as a research priority due to Australia's increasing dependence on cyberspace for national security

Chief Defence Scientist Dr Alex Zelinsky has outlined key priorities for the future of cybersecurity research in Australia.

As part of a series of articles on Australia's science and research priorities, Dr Zelinsky has joined experts from government, industry and academia in providing a vision for strengthening Australia's capacity to excel in science and technology.

"Cybersecurity has been identified as a research priority due to Australia’s increasing dependence on cyberspace for national well-being and security," Dr Zelinsky said.

"Cyberspace is a complex, rapidly changing environment that is progressed and shaped by technology and by how the global community adopts, adapts and uses this technology. Success in cyberspace will depend upon our ability to 'stay ahead of the curve'."

Dr Zelinsky identified that priority should be given to cybersecurity research that will lead to:

  • highly secure and resilient communications and data acquisition, storage, retention and analysis for government, defence, business, transport systems, emergency and health services
  • secure, trustworthy and fault-tolerant technologies for software applications, mobile devices, cloud computing and critical infrastructure
  • new technologies for detection and monitoring of vulnerabilities and intrusions in cyber infrastructure, and for managing recovery from failure.

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