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DST Group's value proposition accepted

7 November 2015
DST Group logo
DST Group logo

In response to the First Principles Review (FPR) of Defence, DST Group has completed its value statement which has been endorsed and accepted by the FPR Implementation Committee.

The review had asked for a clear articulation of DST’s value proposition.

Chief Defence Scientist Dr Alex Zelinsky said DST delivers value to Australia’s defence and national security through its ability to reduce strategic and operational risks while maintaining a capability edge for the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

DST’s value and its credibility stem from its world-class sovereign capabilities, its expert independent advice to Government, its exclusive focus on Australia’s war fighting needs coupled with its knowledge of the ADF and modern warfare, the leading edge research it carries out to stay ahead of technology trends and its ability to leverage capability through partnerships with national and international peer organisations.

DST brings a unique combination of research excellence, specialist knowledge of defence needs and rigorous independence to support the ADF’s current and future capability requirements.

View the DST Group Value Proposition.

DST's value proposition is further supported by an independent study of economic benefits to Defence.