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Zenka Mathys receives PSM in Queen’s Birthday honours

23 June 2016
Zenka Mathys receives PSM in the Queen's Birthday Honours.
Zenka Mathys receives PSM in the Queen's Birthday Honours.

Congratulations to Zenka Mathys who was awarded a Public Service Medal (PSM) in the 2016 Queen’s Birthday honours for her outstanding public service through support for Australian Defence Force (ADF) platforms and operations. 

Mathys leads the Naval Platform Survivability Group. This group is responsible for delivery of a strategic capability in vulnerability, damage control and recoverability to support ADF platforms and operations.

The overall impact of her work is substantial, as demonstrated by her international reputation as a scientist in the domain of fire and fire protection systems; her application of scientific knowledge to assess recent fire incidents to ensure further fires do not occur, thereby protecting the lives of servicemen and women; and the delivery of cost saving to the Australian Defence Organisation by providing scientific justification for fire protection systems on Royal Australian Navy (RAN) ships.

Mathys has an exemplary scientific record, which is highly-regarded worldwide in both defence research establishments and academia and her commitment and dedication is ensuring that future generations of defence scientists are well regarded and respected.