Collins Class Future Submarine

An image of a man looking at a computer image of a submarine.

SEA 1000 will provide Australia with a new and more potent defence capability with greater range, longer patrol endurance and increased capability compared with the Collins Class. 

There are four broad options for the future submarines:

  • An existing submarine design modified to meet Australia’s military-off-the-shelf (MOTS) regulatory requirements,
  • An existing submarine design modified military-off-the-shelf,  (modified MOTS) to incorporate Australia’s specific requirements in relation to combat systems and weapons
  • An evolved design that enhances the capability of existing MOTS designs, including the Collins Class; and
  • An entirely new developmental submarine.

DST Group is supporting SEA 1000 through the execution of a comprehensive set of science and technology (S&T) studies to assist with the development of requirments and the reduction of technical risk. Areas currently being studied include:

  • capability analysis and modelling
  • combat system
  • human systems integration
  • hydrodynamics and propellers
  • platform systems analysis
  • propulsion and energy storage
  • signatures and stealth performance
  • submarine platform lntegrity.

The near term focus for the S&T program is to develop the necessary knowledge, tools and methodologies to support the assessment of the possible options. 

The longer term focus is to create the S&T program required to maintain the capability edge through the life of the submarines. This will require national and international collaboration to ensure Australia has the required soverign capabilities to understanding the current and future needs, particulary in the key area of stealth, and to evolve and mature the technology required throughout the life of the submarines.


DSTO is assisting in the development of requirements and providing technical advice to Government on the Future Submarine project. DSTO's research is focussed on the following areas:

  • Propulsion and energy storage;
  • Signatures and stealth performance;
  • Combat systems; and
  • Hydrodynamics, propellers and pumpjets.

DSTO will deliver a range of reports and recommendations on the development of Future Submarine to enable the Government  to make well informed decisions.

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